Having an efficient website virus scanner installed on your desktop can save you from various dangers. It can literally improve the effectiveness of your website and optimizes it by keeping your website safe from all the harmful viruses and malware attacks. Although Internet has made our life easy and convenient, safety and security on the net becomes even more important and complicated. Viruses can negatively affect your website’s health.

There are many ways by which you can secure your website from malware attacks and various other hackers who might steal your data and cause harm to your site. Some of the most commonly chosen methods of safeguarding your website are regular updates of your software and server, maintaining the backups of your website, using secure and unique passwords and of course by using SSL and TLS certificates.

Online scanners are the most commonly used as on-demand virus scanner which can be paired with other antimalware programs and website security services in order to increase the security of your website. It is always necessary to check if your website is secure, legit and a trusted space before you proceed further by posting certain sensitive information. This can a hard process overall but we have no other option to ensure web security.

It is very necessary to have visibility within your servers, networks, databases and also the overall infrastructure. The admins of various websites have the most important role to play as they are completely responsible for the safety of the websites and protect it from all sorts of attacks, hackers and cybercriminals. Websites are an integral part of every business now and it is our responsibility to take crucial actions in order to safeguard and protect our site from all kinds of dangers.

Your website can be secured using the following virus scanners too-

MetaDefender Cloud

It is one of the most powerful virus scanners that is used by the software giants like Microsoft, McAfee and AVG. It also scans images, videos, documents, IP addresses, website URL and many more. This virus scanner ensures that all the files and contents of the website are safe and secure and can even identify the type of virus that can possibly attack your website.

Jotti’s Malware Scan

This virus scanner is available in various languages and this is literally the best part about it. It can scan up to five files at a time and can easily make out which file is dangerous and needs to be fixed right now. Although this virus scanner needs to be improved as it can make you wait for sometime before the file can be processed.

Virus Total

This virus scanner is extremely user friendly and it shares all the results of the scans that it carries out on your website. This scanner can also be installed on Android phones and can even protect your smartphone from all sorts of online dangers. Its browser extension is also available for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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