A very counter-intuitive field is social media marketing. It seems like anyone could do it: post anything on social media, check for current material, speak to people, fill in the Instagram account of your business with your most photogenic team members. Sounds like a challenge for every kid in the social media era of today.

In response to changes and developments in social media, the social media marketing tools I’m going to talk about today stand out because they are user-friendly and continue to evolve. According to the most appropriate social media, I have classified them into three categories.

Top Social Media Marketing Tools


Buffer is a popular planning tool that allows advertisers to schedule posts across a variety of platforms for social media. Either you can customize each post to each platform or publish anywhere the same one. To add any content you find on the Web to the Buffer queue, you can use a Buffer Chrome extension.

This brings a little fun and imagination to the whole process of aggregating and sharing information because you don’t have to plan what to share in advance for once. Yet in the best possible times, your posts will always be shared.


MeetEdgar is another scheduling tool for social media that stands out for one reason: it enables you to recycle old messages. This is more meaningful than it seems: content gets forgotten and left behind even nice and famous content. Low-hanging fruit, and too often a missed chance, is to recycle the old content so that it can get views again.


Awario is a listening platform for social media made for solopreneurs and small companies. It doesn’t take a big budget, but it covers all major social media listening features: on all major social media sites, including popular forums like Reddit.

It identifies mentions of your brand or any other keyword; breaks down mentions into positive, negative, and neutral ones; gives you a list of influencers; and provides reports on the writers who mention your brand with all the stats.


If your budget is far greater, then the tool for you might be Brandwatch. The analytics data from Brandwatch is highly visual: ideal if you are an agency, to explain the sense of social media marketing to customers.

So, these are some of the top social media marketing apps that you can use in 2020. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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