Machine Learning was not a well-known subject for many people, but today, in this country, machine learning is full of technologies. This is one of the best careers that anyone can pick for a promising future if you’re interested in technology. In general, machine learning is nothing but a theoretical analysis of algorithms and other mathematical models used by a computer to execute a given task and not to use any explicit instructions. There are several courses and colleges open, but some of the best machine learning courses that you should consider opting for and getting qualified in these fields are described below.

A journey into supervised machine learning | by Jonathan Hirko | Towards  Data Science

Here are the list of the top colleges in India that you can pick for learning the best machine learning courses.

IIIT Hyderabad: Talent Sprint – This is also one of the best places to practise AI and machine learning where fees are said to be about 2lakhs. The length of this programme is 14 weeks, which is 168 hours. They have hybrid services on the weekends.

IIIT Bangalore – IIT Bangalore is one of the best colleges you can select to take your PG course in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This is an online course that is available all over India. The length of this course is 11 months and the fee here is about 2,85,000.

Jigsaw Academy – Jigsaw Academy is ideally fit for full stack machine learning and AI courses where the length of this course is 24 weeks. There are also two choices for their students that are either online or mixed. The fees here are about 48,400INR, inclusive of taxes.

Great Learning – Great Learning is now one of the world-famous post-graduate programmes in AI and Computer Learning, a one-year degree for more than 400 hours of learning. There are two options for an online class or a weekend classroom option. The payments are about 3,25,000.

These are some of the list of the top colleges in India that you can pick for learning the best machine learning courses. You may wish to enter any of these courses, since they are the best courses in India to be chosen after a survey and other opinions. We hope you have found the information you have been looking for. Keep visiting to not miss out on the new next post.

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